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HousePower BMS

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Product Description

HousePower BMS is designed for marine, RV, solar, etc. house banks with 12V,24V,36V or 48V nominal bank voltage. With this system you can simply replace old Lead Acid bank with LiFePo4 bank with little to no changes to your existing wiring. BMS will protect the bank from reaching steep ends of charge/discharge curve, hence prolong its life and prevent individual cell damage.

Please download User Guide from Product Support page or click on this link


  • Designed for 12V,24V,36V,48V LiFePo4  battery banks, replacing Lead Acid house banks in marine and RV applications, with minimal changes to existing systems and wiring
  • Cell level protection disconnects the bank if any cell is discharged to 2.6V to prevent battery damage
  • Cell level protection disconnects the bank if any cell is overcharged to 3.65V to prevent battery damage.
  • Individual LiFePo4 cells within the battery bank are actively kept in balance by BMS
  • Separate relay controls for HVC ( High Voltage Cutoff ) and LVC ( Low Voltage Cutoff ) allow optional integration with inverters/chargers/solar controllers/etc to better automate battery management
  • Warning alarm circuit sends audible/visual alerts in advance, allowing you to react on BMS alerts before main contactor is dropped, to prevent unwanted loss of power
  • Warning levels are more conservative than Protection levels, HVC = 3.6V per cell , LVC = 2.9V per cell, allowing time to address the alarms and avoid power loss
  • BMS is Distributed type, i.e. broken into 2 components - cell boards and control board, allowing installation on large banks distributed across multiple boxes/locations
  • Several cell board sizes available to accommodate typical prismatic cells, choose correct board size for your cells. If cells are grouped in parallel, only one board is needed for a P-group


NOTE: Select the board voltage to match your bank voltage, 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V. For complete system you also must purchase 4, 8, 12 or 16 cell boards , depending on bank size. Choose cell boards with appropriate size ring terminals for your cells.


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